Palliative Care

Choosing palliative care can be a difficult decision. Our end-of-life home care services are available to help your loved one through a challenging time in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

We’ve got extensive experience in dealing with the chronic and terminally ill clients, and our gentle and caring staff have the compassion and understanding to make this difficult time just a little easier.

Palliative care is also known as ‘comfort care’. End-of-life care at home is suitable for when a loved one needs support not just physically, but mentally, and can be tailored to the values, beliefs, and preferences of the client.

It is a holistic approach for the whole family, not just the person receiving care. Families and loved ones can also feel less stressed and more informed than if their relative was being cared for in a care home or hospital.

Here at Azure Care, our first priority is listening to what you need.

We’ll make sure that your end-of-life home care needs are assessed, drawing up a care plan that is tailored to a schedule that’s right for you.

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Palliative Care

Care & Comfort

At such a stage of life when adjusting to a new place is extremely difficult, a patient care facility may not be a great idea. With in-home care, patients adjust better, and feel happier because of the comfort of the home.

Better Care by Professionals

Our end of life care at home care professionals have been trained to give the best palliative care. There are health and behavioral situations that you as a caregiver might not be prepared for. Our professionals are.

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